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Besides the methods contained in Xml Node, this class implements a series of Createxxx methods to create a document's contents such as Comment, Element, Text and all the other contents discussed in the "DOM Overview" section of this article. The Xml Document and Xml Data Document classes come form Xml Node. Before moving to the next topic, I'll describe these namespaces and their classes. Xml namespace defines common and major XML functionality.The classes are Xml Attribute, Xml CData Section, Xml Comment, Xml Declaration, Xml Entity, Xml Entity Reference, Xml Processing Instruction, Xml Text, and Xml Whitespace. For example, the Attribute and Xml Comment classes represent an attribute and comment of a document. Reader and write classes Six classes (Xml Reader, Xml Writer, Xml Text Writer, Xml Text Reader Xml Validating Reader, and Xml Node Reader) represent the reading and writing XML documents.I'll discuss these classes in "Navigation in XML" and other sections of this article. Xml Namespace Reference You're probably aware of this, but before using System.Xml classes in your application, you may need to add a reference to the System.It defines methods for converting Common Language Runtime (CLR), or . This namespace defines many classes to work with schemas.NET data types, and XML schema Definition (XSD) types. The discussion of these classes is beyond the scope of this book. Serialization Namespace This namespace contains classes to serialize objects into XML format documents or streams. XPath Namespace This namespace is pretty small in comparison to the previous three namespaces.

Other classes The Xml Convert class provides conversion in XML. These classes support XML schemas for structure and xml schemas for data types.The Read method starts reading the document from the root node and continues until Read returns false, which indicates there is no node left to read in the document. you can even get the level of the node by using the Depth property, as shown in this example: Which defines the type of a node. For example if the next node of the current node is Dxl Declaration, or Document Type, it will skip these nodes until it finds a content type node.Listing 6-9 reads an XML file and displays some information about the file. The Xml Node Type enumeration members are Attribute, CDATA, Comment, Document, Element, White Space, and so on. In Listing 6-10, you read a document's nodes one by one and count them. See the following example: The Get Attributes of a Node The Get Attribute method is an overloaded method. The Xml Document Type class represents the type of document. It provides functionality to store, retrieve, and manipulate data.

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