Why is clonidine sedating

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RSS of 3 - 4 was considered as target sedation and the infusion rates were titrated within their respective range until target sedation was achieved.

RSS was also assessed prior to and 10 min after any titration in the study drug infusion rate or the use of additional sedation.

When considering combinations of drugs, knowledge of their context sensitive half-times is essential.

Propofol is extensively used in the intensive care setting as a sedative.

The class of medication used needs to match the underlying cause of discomfort.

In a ventilated patient, this is often multifactorial, and thus a combination of pharmacotherapy may be required.

Hypotension was the most common side-effect in Group C, occurring in 11/35 patients of Group C and 3/35 patients of Group D (P = 0.02).

2014/18/7/431/136071 Sedation of mechanically ventilated patients is an essential component of ICU management.Thus, modern day sedation involves more than tube tolerance and is now focused on the multifactorial individual needs of the patient.Critical illness can be a frightening experience for a variety of reasons, and adequate sedation may reduce this.The modern ICU ventilator is equipped with a wide range of ventilatory modes and, with the addition of electronic flow triggering, synchronization problems have largely disappeared.The replacement of an endotracheal tube by a tracheostomy reduces the discomfort associated with an artificial airway and may often remove the need for sedation entirely.

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