Who is travis barker dating now

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Logistics certainly matter as we saw with Duron, who apparently didn’t want to live in L. With John Mayer, he may have a “crush” on Kourtney, but has noted notoriety for his womanizing.

Maybe Kourtney saw this and decided to back away for this very reason.

Strange feelings can occur when longtime friends suddenly find themselves attracted to each other. Look at the details, though, and you can see why this would occur in the age we live in.

Despite vetting being easier than ever now online, having someone be your neighbor and friend for more than a few years can help you learn more about a person than any research.

Kourtney and Younes reportedly got handsy with one another, and she kissed him on the cheek when they said goodbye.

Travis Barker says, for the record, he’s not dating Kourtney Kardashian. But yeah, just friends.”So there you have, straight from the drummer’s mouth.

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We even suggested she be more serious with someone like this for a more stable relationship.It initially seems she’s more into having fun now than being serious with anyone.Then again, RO points out Barker is starting to sneak out to stay at Kourtney’s home of late.But TMZ reported that the two ran into each other at Alfred Tea on Melrose Place just last month and that they seemed to be on good terms.The person who snapped the photos said Younes was in line ordering when Kourtney and her friend approached him.

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