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It is necessary to improve the interaction of parliament and government.

We need to raise the quality of public administration."[2] Other commentators, however, reacted more critically to Volodin's initiative.

I hope that Vyacheslav Victorovich's [Volodin's] position will be taken into account by his colleagues in the United Russia faction when considering our social draft laws.[5] The Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky had no patience for Volodin's cautious amendments: "I recommend writing a new constitution for Russia." Among his major revisions was introducing greater balance.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the State Duma, recently published an article, titled "Living Constitution of Progress", in Parlamentskaya Gazeta, the Duma's official publication Duma.Analyzing the constitution I single out the issues related to the lack of the necessary balance in the relations between the legislative and executive branches of government. In particular, it is advisable to further detail the norms of the government's report to parliament on issues raised by the State Duma, including the evaluation of the activities of individual ministries."It would also be appropriate- I would stress, in my opinion - to give further consideration to the issue of the State Duma's participation in the formation of the Government of the Russian Federation.And he made a very wise step that he wrote such an article where he explained his position in detail, emphasizing the inviolability of the constitutional foundations." Russian expert Konstantin Kolachev also added: "Volodin's proposals are very cautious and conservative.It is about changing the government forming procedure, and not about revising the constitution's fundamentals.

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