Updating old tiled fireplace

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We love Etsy and e Bay for great online finds, but flea markets tend to have the best prices. When she found this old bus door in the woods behind her house, she had a hole cut in the center to create a new frame around her fireplace.

Be sure to check fire codes and your town’s permit requirements first, but if it works with your safety requirements, using a beautiful piece of found metal can make for a striking and unexpected fireplace frame.

We had it tiled months ago, but I didn’t want to write a formal post about it until all of the updates were done.

And now that the built-ins have been installed, I’m excited to finally dish all the details on our white marble tile fireplace!

Or if nothing else, the idea of hanging our stockings there next holiday season has me all giddy.

This fireplace did need a little TLC when we moved in though.

Whether you’re making your own decorative screen and faux logs or crafting a new surround from tile, there are so many ways to give a fireplace an update.

Today I’m highlighting 15 of my favorites, from painted fireplaces to fun projects for renters who can’t leave a mark on their existing setup.

Whether you own, rent or just have plans for a vintage mantelpiece you found at a flea market, fireplaces are a great (albeit somewhat unexpected place) to flex your DIY muscles.We actually ended up buying two different tiles from Floor and Decor, just like the inspiration photos.For the face of the fireplace, we bought a box of this tile (12×12″ Sahara Carrara Brick Marble Mosiac).Just be sure the paper is far enough away from the fireplace opening to meet all necessary fire safety codes. Brenna of Paper Ink shared this genius idea with us (and even went on Martha Stewart’s show to demonstrate! Brenna used cardboard to create faux-logs that you can use to fill a non-operational fireplace. DS alum Kate Pruitt shared one of her first DIY projects with us back in 2008 when she gave her (non-functioning) fireplace a DIY makeover. Emma Cassi’s bedroom fireplace mantel is cozy and beautiful, but doesn’t require logs or ventilation.If you have a mantel, but your fireplace is no longer in operation, try using foam core and wallpaper to cover less-than-stunning tile or materials you’d rather streamline with a clean, modern look. You can easily create the look and feel of a fireplace in your home (this is great for renters – just lean it up against the wall) by finding a great vintage or antique mantel online.

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