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The sibling who lives closest may have assumed a disproportionate share of her care and disagree with you about what should be done, according to “The Impact of Late-Life Parental Death on Adult Sibling Relationships,” a 2009 study published in the “Journal of Aging Research.” That conflict might continue if your mother gave the caretaker sibling power of attorney over her affairs and finances.

Claims of “Mother loved you best” or “You turned her against us” can occur if you feel the caregiving sibling had a greater influence over the sale of the family home when your mother moved to a retirement home or hospice care.

There is a fine line between taking her opinion seriously and her feelings into consideration and allowing her to control your life simply because she doesn’t want you dating.

Sit your teen down and have a serious discussion with her about why you like this man, what he’s like and why you want him to meet her.

Answer her questions and talk to her about her concerns regarding meeting him. Let him ask questions, tell him about her and ask both of them individually if they are ready and comfortable to meet one another, getting their input about where they think their first introduction should take place. According to the AAP, you should not go into this meeting expecting one specific thing or you might be highly disappointed.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should not introduce your teens to just any man you’re dating.

Wait until you are certain that your new relationship is serious, advises Jean Mc Bride, a Colorado-based marriage and family therapist with her own practice.

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