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Whether in a classic fountain like Central Drug in Bessemer City, or at Mike’s on Main in Hendersonville and Pike’s in Charlotte, where soda jerks mix ice-creamy concoctions, love — and nostalgia — is still in the sweet-smelling air. But slide into one of the two wooden booths near the front of the pharmacy and soda fountain in Bessemer City, and you will find the written history of the town and its best-loved centerpiece. Robby’s father, Jessie, removed them from the store decades ago in an effort to modernize and reclaim a little space.

At first glance, the wooden booths with the white marble tops seem pretty ordinary. Soda shops like Pike’s in Charlotte or Mike’s on Main in Hendersonville are built to make you remember the past — even if that past never actually took place there.

I’m glad there hasn’t been a reason to, and in terms of taking Michelle Obama’s We Go High Route, it’s probably not the best move.

I just think it’s such a glamorous and unnecessarily dramatic “F-you” that I’d like to experience before I die. The old Hollywood to have the opportunity, no way would I have the right drink in hand. Here’s my thought process: Prosecco is cute in theory but you can only drink from a fluted glass one of two ways: 1) really dramatically where your head tilts back to get the liquid in or 2) to avoid the dramatic pour-down-the hatch, you have to tuck your whole face back and it makes everyone look like a double-chinned turtle. Here’s the thing, though: the glass is impossible to drink from without spilling.

If you’re on a first-name basis with Robby, then you’re probably also on a first-name basis with A. He remembers when Andy met Jane, and when Tricia met Dusty, and he probably knows why the fire truck is squealing and the news van is hovering. “I have one of those riding mowers.” He walks outside to his red pickup truck.

I have never had to throw a drink in my date’s face.

“We can teach the people we hire the elements of the business. But right now, the 88-year-old has to go mow his lawn.

We can’t teach them that spirit of customer service if they don’t have it already.” The job is also a legitimate training ground — seven of the summer employees have eventually gone to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to become pharmacists. Slide a photo in front of him, and he’ll tell you not only who is pictured, but where it was taken and what eventually happened to that building. “I cheat a little,” he says, almost apologetically.

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It’s the center of the town, where everyone gets together and gossips.” Sometimes, Central does more than just provide a venue for gossip. Everyone in Bessemer City eventually passes through these doors.

Kids earn their first paycheck here; Robby hires two high school students every summer, and it’s the most sought-after job in town.

The counter buzzes with activity every afternoon after school.

But the booths quietly conceal more than 80 years of history. Pike’s has a milkshake maker that dates to the 1930s. In Bessemer City, Central Drug is the town’s centerpiece.

Slide back the marble, and the wooden tables have hundreds of signatures, dates, and dreams of Central’s customers. You can get prescriptions filled toward the back of the store, and you can get a cherry-lemon Sun Drop (with the good ice, the kind that crunches just perfectly) or a chocolate milkshake near the front.

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