Single muslim women for dating

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The website allows users to create a profile with personal, faith-based, educational, and professional information, and upload pictures.Users can send instant messages to members of the opposite gender, and send them virtual gifts.I was raised in a conservative household in Mississauga, Ont.My parents are from Somalia and as practicing Sunni Muslims, it was important for them to instil Muslim values and manners in me.Users can perform searches of the member database based on criteria such as age, religious sect, location, country of origin, piety, citizenship, language(s), marital status, education, and profession.The website also has a real time live chat feature.He was pleasant and polite and self-effacing in a way that added to his charm.He told me about his travels, including a stint in South Korea teaching English.

We were on the patio of a café in Toronto’s Kensington Market and up until he started talking about “other Muslim women,” the date had been going well.

I don’t wear a hijab, which is the most visible marker of Islam.

I also have piercings—septum, tragus and tongue—and several tattoos, even though body modification, with the exception of beautification, is frowned upon in Islam.

All of this made it easier to feel a connection—superficial though it was—and for me to drop my guard that much faster. This wasn’t the first time someone had implied that I don’t really look Muslim, though usually people pussyfoot around it instead of saying so directly.

I understand this disconnect; my appearance and my faith are seemingly opposing elements.

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