Shane mauss april macie dating who is david cross dating

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This week gets real Eyes Wide Shut with the stars of Playboy Radio’s Swing with Holli & Michael.

We talk about swinging, choking, and a very perverse practice called Mormonism. On this episode Shane and April go on the BEST double date ever with Seizure Kaiser and his girlfriend, the sensual sadistic Sydney dominatrix Penelope Dreadful.

The intent of the podcast is to bring you the listener an easily accessible resource for a variety of topics all related to psychedelic research.

There is a lot to learn about new research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and marijuana.

After Shane once again makes a fool of himself trying to pronounce people's names, we somehow revisited the idea of "double-dumping" (which our regular listeners will remember vividly). Listen in and hear how you can invest in our new business venture, Dale’s Computers.Justin Harrison (Author of the new book 'Confessions Of A Fat Payer') stops by on his first date with Kasia and tells us how fatty boom batties can add more gang for the banging.Also, how to deal with body issues caused by people saying things like "fatty boom batty".Notable guests from earlier seasons of Seattle Growth Podcast include Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, 3-time NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf, NBA champion Wally Walker, Sonics lege ... ” SHANE: “People are going to think we met on a Greyhound.” APRIL: “Okay! ” Anyway, after dating for a little over a year, these two professional touring comedians and lovers are ...Dave Waite's Friend (Shane Mauss) and Dave Waite host a podcast that a celebration of immaturity. So listen from the beginning to enjoy the cast of characters and the story arch of the first season the Riff Board. a gangly snuggle-puss) with a penchant for animal mating behavior and science facts and April Macie, a self-denied “angry feminist” (Betty Freidan in a bikini) met on a bus… Adventures Through The Mind is an interview-based podcast hosted by Canadian author and public educator, James W. Although the show topics range---from spirituality, mental health, and emotional maturity; to love, relationships and sexuality; to history, philosophy, and neuroscience---there are two underlying themes that intersect them all: psychedelics & the mind. Jesso is the author of Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom and The True Light Of Darkne ...

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