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It was their second day here, and they seemed perhaps even more weirded out by the scene than I was. ”“Aww, don't mind me,” said Karl, landing a paw on Rob's shoulder. There, a tall, young, freckled woman was giving her boyfriend a sensual blow job, her ass waving in the air behind her. I have to admit, no matter how much sex you've seen in movies or on bookmarked sites on your laptop, it feels to watch real people go at it, just yards away.

Rob turned to his wife, took a gander at the profusion of flesh and laughed: “Whoa. Sure, I'd prepared myself to see some amorous behavior, but I'd imagined it'd be fleeting and discreet.

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The next frontier for adventurous—yet discerning—travelers? Davy Rothbart ditched his drawers to find out whether there's actually such a thing as high-class nudity.

He had the vibe of the world's most amiable polar bear. Although it may be a key attraction for some, the prospect of sex with strangers isn't explicitly advertised by Desire Pearl.Now imagine those same people naked as hell, day-drinking in a jumbo-size hot tub—that's what Jacuzzi Happy Hour at Desire Pearl looked like. The receptionist was right: it was easy to make friends. A big woman with a kind face and sweet disposition hustled over, her large breasts decorated with gold nipple rings that matched the ones in Karl's ears.“We have a way of greeting people,” Karen explained.Within a few minutes, I found myself deep in conversation with a handsome airline pilot and father of three from rural Wisconsin, a man I'll call Rob. With genial frankness, she asked Laura, “Mind if I kiss your neck? “I mean, sure, I guess.”Instantly, Karen and Karl sandwiched Laura between them.Last year a college friend of mine came out as a transgender woman.It was a shocking revelation to those of us who’d known a rowdy, raunchy frat boy in undergrad and suddenly saw the poised, purple-haired woman who’d been hiding for all those years.

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