Serendipity dating the truth about internet dating sites

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We ended up loathing each other because our personalities, for whatever reason, didn’t mesh.However, the second woman and I continued to see each other. And four weeks ago tonight, we were married, after four years of dating.

I’d had some success getting laid from the site, and I’d had a few three- to four-month-long relationships from it, but nothing had ever been lasting.Before meeting in person we had numerous phone conversations and suspected we might get married one day.The moment we laid eyes on each other – three weeks after meeting online – we knew we’d spend the rest of our lives together. I moved with my son seven months after the online meeting.Despite the late hour, we simply could not bear to part and decided to drive the 90 minutes to my house, even though my date had to be home early the next morning for a family function. When people openly wonder how we can live and work together in such a small space without killing each other, it makes us realize that we must have about the best relationship in the world. My first day, I found a girl who was absolutely perfect – a certain type of Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She and I shared a love of the same music (the Smiths chief among them), We enjoyed walks in the forest, smoking pot over drinking, and debating politics.It was, to a large extent, love at first sight, and it seemed like this was just exactly the kind of conventional meeting that would lead to the ultimate relationship.

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