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A little history is in order: I have a value that I am retrieving from the DB2 database to populate the initial value in the dropdownlist. Then I have to load that dropdownlist with values from another table to show the available values that this DDL c...merge cells in gridview on row databound or rowcreated event add empty columns to the end of gridview i want to merge certain gridview row based on value of field say levelid at first when page load and data is bind to grid it merge the cells but when i click a button outside the gridview and do postback it add 3 empty columns to the end of the grid , please help in which event do i have to write.

Page Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Dim products As New List(Of Product)() products.

As a workaround, I can add a javascript onchange event to the Drop Down List which is called when the value changes.

Is there a way I can pass this value back to the server and use it?

This example shows how to use a Row Data Bound event in a Grid View to highlight the rows or cells in ASP. This example is helpful in situations where you need to highlight the Grid View rows or cells based on a specific condition.

For demonstration purposes, I created a database (named Database.mdf) in which we have a table (named tbl_Employee).

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