Robin quivers dating 2016

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Her timing's off more than ever and the news is a waste of time anymore.

Like many people have said, you can tell she hasn't read the stories beforehand so has nothing to contribute. But it's hard to tell if she's just mailing it in because she doesn't care or if this is just the best she can do given her mental and physical state (lest we forget, this is a 60 year old woman who has gone through aggressive cancer surgery/treatment in the recent past).

The show is only truly alive in the last couple of years when he has a couple of staffers physically in studio. I also understand that Howard wants a legacy of great interviews and is kind of distancing himself from who he was with Artie.

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She stumbles through the news as if she's just hearing it for the first time as we are.

She appears to be the only one involved in the show with no responsibility for anything off the air.

She doesn't write or participate in production meetings nor develop any content.

It seems like she's definitely gotten rougher in terms of the news reads, and she's paying MUCH less attention throughout the show. I've been saying this for a while now, but everybody replies with some sort of eff Artie line.

Without a third voice in the studio Howard is doing all of the heavy lifting, and that's not a good thing for him. I'm not saying they have to bring Artie back (we ALL know that'll NEVER happen), but I really think somebody else has to be in there--not named Benjy.

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