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Recognizing your own shortcomings are a major key in fixing a broken marriage.Almost every marriage could benefit from the suggestions below for having a better relationship. Starting today means you are already on your way to a better relationship by tomorrow.Not only will it lift and inspire your spouse, but it will also train your brain to focus on the positive.Also check out The 5 Love Languages to learn how to make your spouse feel appreciated!

If things have been messy, or ugly in the past, choose to move forward making happy memories today!Rather than keeping a running list in your head of their mistakes and shortcomings, redirect your negative thoughts to give credit for any positive effort, no matter how small. Fixing selfish, or toxic habits is the first step in fixing a broken marriage.Stop yourself when your thoughts begin to spiral downward. The next step to save your marriage is to reconnect with your spouse.A sincere compliment or show of appreciation changes the course of their day.It changes the way they feel about themselves and the way they feel about you.

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