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"There's a predator still there," says Dayman.

"I have to speak out because it's a matter of public safety.

The woman says the hotel's security team told her that other guests had reported being sexually assaulted by the same employee.

The hotel chain told Go Public that that employee is no longer employed at the resort.

Its statement says it "does not tolerate any forms of inappropriate behaviour" and that sexual assault by hotel employees "is unequivocally unacceptable and not in line with our company's ethics." So many women are speaking out about sexual assault by resort employees in numerous countries, Trip Advisor announced last fall that it would flag hotels where assaults have been reported.

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"It's difficult to know how widespread it is," says Merritt, "because so many women do not report when they are sexually assaulted." Resorts that aren't taking steps to protect travellers' safety, says Merritt, should lose the business of major tour operators.

' Then I sent a similar email a few days later, and got a response that said, ' Please be advised this has been escalated to the tour operator and we have nothing to do with it anymore.' So they were telling me not to be communicating with them further." Dayman is most concerned about how hotel staff appeared to downplay what she says happened.

In emails between the hotel chain and the tour operator, the hotel says Dayman "refused medical attention and the involvement of authorities." It also says Dayman "was unable to identify the aggressor." Dayman disputes those claims.

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