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Within the Messenger API, there’s a new interface for appointment booking directly in the chat.

This includes real-time confirmation and an integration to calendar softwares, meaning that businesses can use messaging conversations to schedule appointments, in-store meetings, phone calls, and more.

Outside of these 24 hours, there are “message tags,” which Facebook is currently simplifying, allowing businesses to send personalized “message tags” for specific use cases, including event reminders, post-purchase updates, and more.

According to a live outage map, the issue primarily affected the UK and central Europe.A so far unpublished feature in Android allows video and audio call users to make their screen visible to all participants.This allows users to view video and images stored on their own mobile phone or to view content outside the Facebook cosmos (You Tube videos, etc.) together with others.But not all users were affected: the Facebook and Instagram apps and websites were both working for some staff in The Sun's office.The mass outage isn't a surprise: Facebook owns Instagram and Whats App, and shares systems across all three apps.

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