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Franciscan University challenges students intellectually, helps form them professionally, and engages them spiritually.This includes arming our students with the knowledge and wisdom to confront the challenges of a coarse modern culture, which often runs contrary to Catholic teaching.Where would we be, for example, if Catholics were unable or unwilling to engage with and push back against calumny such as The Da Vinci Code or against worse heresies and dangerous heterodoxies?Franciscan University promotes an authentic and vibrant Catholic faith—inside and outside the classroom—that helps students succeed spiritually, morally, and intellectually.My most persistent inclination is toward female masturbation.Carrère details an example of "incredibly exciting" porn titled "brunette masturbates and has two orgasms," going on to discuss how the porn is "intimately linked" to his speculation of Mary.He also offers gratuitous discussion of the female pubic area.

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It is believed to be the first pornographic film ever made.

Sean Sheridan, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, issued a letter to staff backtracking on the university's previous defense of the controversial reading assignment, apologizing and promising revised curriculum guidelines "to prevent future use of scandalous materials." ******* STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (Church - () Franciscan University of Steubenville is defending a reading assignment that includes graphic depiction of pornography and claims the Mother of Christ "had sex" and perhaps "even masturbated." Dr.

Stephen Lewis, chair of the English department, assigned his students , by Emmanuel Carrère, an atheist who rejects the Catholic faith, in a course in the spring of 2018.

Saying that evenings are quiet in a mountain village in the Valais region is an understatement, and I dedicate some — in fact almost all — of them to watching pornography on the Internet.

Most of what's on offer leaves me indifferent, not to say disgusts me: extreme gang bangs, pu****s getting f***** by machines, pregnant women screwed by horses ...

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