Play dating sims online for adults only

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Or perhaps you've never encountered a game like this up close, in which case this column -- and a companion community playalong event, which we'll get to in a moment -- is very much aimed at you.

GAF poster Anne "apricotsushi" Lee is a Twitter friend of mine with whom I've had some fun discussions regarding Japanese gaming in the past.

A good, solid relationship mechanic paired with interesting or fun characters is something that will keep me utterly hooked to a game, regardless of its actual "quality," however you prefer to measure that.

Generally speaking, I would much rather play a barely interactive visual novel with well-realized relationships between the main characters than the most well-crafted game in the world that just happens to include characters or a plot that leaves me cold.

And plenty of works are described as "dating sims" or "love sims" when, in fact, they're visual novels with a focus on relationships and, sometimes, sexuality.

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This month, what with February being the month of love and all, she's decided to focus on dating sims by the somewhat broader definition given above -- i.e.Here in the West, however, we tend to see a fairly limited selection get localized -- and due to the popular (and wildly inaccurate) assumption that male players still make up the majority of the gaming community, they tend to be of the "bishoujo" ("pretty girl") variety aimed squarely at heterosexual males.Actually, here in the West we have a somewhat more liberal definition of what constitutes a "dating sim." Anything with some sort of relationship mechanic built in tends to be referred to if not as an outright dating sim, then certainly having dating sim that incorporate a relationship mechanic -- and is encouraging the community to join in and play along, either by sharing their thoughts on this Neo GAF thread if you're a member, or on Twitter by using the hashtag #Dating Si Month.I love dating sims, whatever definition you choose to use.

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