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This schema can develop when a person has developed high sensitivity to others feelings or has excessive worry about what others think about them.

When in groups, this schema can make the person overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings as their emotional boundaries are quite weak.

Many people who identify with schemas within this domain come from families perceived as cold, detached, explosive, lonely, abusive and / or rejecting.

Schemas in this domain have a profound effect on intimate, family and social relationships.

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This schema may manifest itself through heightened sensitivity to criticism and blame, intense self-consciousness, insecurity, and comparisons around others.

The query below will extract all of the schema names from the Oracle data dictionary.

Each of the 18 Early Maladaptive Schemas (schemas are sometimes referred to as EMS) acts specifically against a category of emotional needs, persistently preventing the needs being met in healthy ways.

People with this schema often have a sense of something missing in life, an emptiness or a void.

As a result, the emptiness can cause a constant feeling of something missing, which people use food and substances to fill.

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