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Using these functions you can alter a text value such as changing “Smith, Joe” to “Joe Smith.”If you not familiar with SQL functions, then I would recommend staring with the Introduction to SQL Server Built-In Functions.

Cookiesit peeqqaarnagit iserfigigukku cookiesinik atuinerput akuerisimassavat. Cookiesit pillugit annertunerusumik atuarit qanorlu illit browserinnut anngutinnginnissaat paasisaqarfigalugu.This query could be used in that case: Notice that two single quotes together as ” represents an empty string.LTRIM and RTRIM are used to remove leading and trailing spaces of string.There are many string functions within SQL at your disposal.I would generally categorize them as: Rather than reiterate that material, we’ll focus on the functions I’ve seen in commonly used in business.

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