Online dating for married men

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If it is his home number that he gives you, then you are probably pretty safe to assume that he is likely not married.

Tip #5: His calls to you are very irregular, or are at set times.

online dating for married men-22

online dating for married men-22

Married men often times will use a short introduction and then immediately ask you questions to better identify your personality type.

Online dating sites make it very easy for both men and women to initiate first contact.

It can be an even split between you starting contact or the man starting contact.

If you have chosen to go ahead and give out your number without getting his, be sure that you ask for his number when he does finally call you.

Chances are, that if he is married, he is either calling you from a phone other then his home phone, or he has some blocking feature that will keep you from getting his number if when you use the number call-back feature on your phone (or call waiting).

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