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This extremely scenic and rugged stretch of the coast is generally known as the Big Sur region (and by some definitions, Big Sur extends southward into the northern part of neighboring San Luis Obispo County).Big Sur can generally be regarded as what separates Northern and Southern California.From the San Luis Obispo county line in the south to the Santa Cruz county line in the north, California's coastal highway twists and turns for 100 miles through Monterey County, and it is one of the most dramatic drives anywhere.Monterey, Carmel and a few other coastal towns are clustered along the northernmost 30 miles of this 100-mile-long stretch, while the rest of the county's coastline—a stretch of about 70 miles—has a few outposts here and there but no real towns.Santa Cruz County has a number of nude beaches, some better established than others. To find the best nude beaches in the county, go north from Santa Cruz toward the small town of Davenport, where you will hit the jackpot with a triad of nude beach coves spread over a 2-mile stretch. Bonny Doon is Santa Cruz County's most renowned nude beach, notable for its fun, social atmosphere and for attracting a diverse crowd that is more gender balanced than the crowd at most nude beaches.Laguna Creek draws smaller crowds and is a mostly gay nude beach.Everything from Monterey County to the Oregon border is considered Northern California.Everything from San Luis Opispo County to the Mexico border is Southern California.

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(And remember that Lake Tahoe's popular nude beach is listed under Nevada.) [ ↑ ] Northern California's wealth of skinnydipping sites can be a challenge to organize, so we'll go south to north by county and first consider sites on or near the coast, then we'll explore a few places farther inland but west of the High Sierras.Much farther north in Monterey County, is located in Marina, north of the town of Monterey.This rather remote stretch of beach used to be off limits to the public since it was part of a military base, but a trickle of nudists have begun to visit the beach since the base closed in 1994.While College Cove draws much larger overall crowds, most of the crowd is textile, with more nudity toward the far south end.More lightly attended Baker's Beach tends to have more nudists as a percentage of the overall crowd.

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