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Those who ignore those signs and refuse to refrain from smoking on private property have a problem, but it is not tobacco addiction.

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Most will comply with posted signs prohibiting smoking.I know what you are thinking; I’ve been watching on Netflix too.That killer robot, yoga instructor- looking- woman lead character is truly scary.This morning at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Semnan province, Iran a rocket, reportedly carrying a Nahid-1 telecommunication satellite, blew up on its launch pad. Three times this year they have tried to launch a rocket and three times it blew up in place. Rockets designed to launch satellites don’t routinely blow up, and the Iranians certainly have the human capitol required to launch satellites safely, but they’re having a moment this year. I think the Iranians are suddenly having missile dysfunction secondary to a Droney Mc Droneface infection..Earlier in the summer I proposed that the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of an old washed up RQ-4N BAMS-D (Broad Area Maritime Surveillance-Demonstrator) drone I named Drone Mc Droneface.

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