No more dating i m just waiting

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There will be people who represent what you need most at that point in your life; people who look and feel like living and breathing manifestations of what you want.

Like the flaky musician when we just need a little music, the person we have nothing in common with (including life goals and values) when we want to be brought out of our shell.

There are dudes I dated at different points in my life that I dated simply because they offered what I needed at the time.

The high school sweetheart, the hippie slash bad-poet ski bum after him (who introduced me to Real Music from the 70s), the aspiring musician who made me laugh, the mechanic slash art director who , the dude I met while studying abroad in London, the midwestern banker, and several engineers. I never dropped everything to “make it work” with a dude.

Nothing else would stack up — even the temptation of attraction. But after that, yeah, when we’re ready, we’ll find someone that doesn’t even make us wonder whether “now” is right. And Heidi Priebe wrote something beautiful when she captured what we forget when we say the timing was wrong:“Let’s talk about how our timing’s off. It would have been infinitely easier to meet you two years earlier or three years later or in a different space or place or country or time zone.

It would have been simpler to meet you in a world where I could wake up nestled tightly in beside you and you could join in each adventure I took on.

Everything is better since they came along.”the plan.” The plan is them. And sure — sure — maybe it’s still timing and context.

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I wouldn’t have seen us making it work in the future. And as long as you’re alive here and I’m alive too,the timing is right enough for me.”And here’s my answer: whether someone leaves their partner for someone else depends on their value system and, to an extent, their definition of love.I’d wait through wars and resolutions and tsunamis and ice ages and apocalypses. There is no “right until proven wrong,” “right until better right comes along,” or “forever until I change my mind.” If they suddenly seem replaceable, it’s because part of your heart always thought so.This also means you almost certainly chose your partner based on other measures and values.And what you do with meeting someone new really depends on what those measures and values are — how you view relationships, partners, people, and love.The “right” person is going to be someone who best aligns with you living your values.

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