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magazine, with Oscar and Annette de la Renta, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Apolo Ohno, the gold-medalist speed skater from the Olympics,” Weber recalls. Most girls starting out on one of their first sittings, in this company, would have been a little bit insecure, if not terrified. She acted like she was home with her family.” Weber remembers Annette de la Renta and Hillary Clinton comparing her to an angel. I called her on the phone there, only to witness a bit of malarkey—Arnault pretending to be the butler and answering the phone in French so fast I almost called Berlitz.Now she lives in an elegant Haussmann building in the center of Paris, in an apartment she rents with her partner of the last three years. After we had a laugh about that, Natalia apologized for the “weird electric sound.” No, it wasn’t Antoine whipping up a kale-and-spinach smoothie. She was pumping for Maxim, her and Antoine’s first child, who was born this past May.Natalia’s teachers knew of the harsh realities of her home life, and they respected how the young girl tried her best anyway.“I spent my life trying to make my mother feel better,” she says.“Everyone said what my mother was doing was crazy,” remembers Natalia.But Natalia loved the new baby and was proud of her mother.Natalia Vodianova’s grim Soviet childhood is fashion-world legend by now—if hard to square with the supermodel’s gilded present.Divorced from English aristocrat Justin Portman and living with LVMH scion Antoine Arnault in an elegant Paris apartment, the 32-year-old mother of four might have tried to forget her hardscrabble beginnings in Nizhny Novgorod.

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Otherwise his earliest memories will be as different as can be from his mother’s—that’s for sure!

“I already had five years’ experience doing it with my mother,” explains Natalia. I knew exactly where to buy it, who to buy it from, how to choose it, how to sell it, how to market it.” She also knew how to handle the Mob, which came with the territory. When word got out that a modeling scout was coming to town, Natalia, encouraged by her beau, showed up. ’ ”Natalia separated herself from the pack by refusing to stand in the line.

A photographer noticed her through his lens, however, and introduced her to the scout; she was chosen for the next round of scouting in Moscow. You turn up your nose and you hold your head high and you have this proud air. I was kind of tough and easily sparked into an argument.

“There was absolutely zero support from the government, family, or society,” recalls Natalia.

“The doctors said Oksana was a vegetable and would be dead before she was 10.” (Oksana is now 26 and lives with her mother in Nizhny Novgorod.) Larisa’s parents—with whom they were living at the time—said they were too old for this additional burden of Oksana, so if this was to be, Larisa and her kids had to move.

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