Most common dating deal breakers

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"What your last partner did is not a blueprint for what your current partner should do or would like," they said.

"My girlfriend is into rape fantasies, fantasy being the keyword," wrote one commenter. we have a safe word for this." RELATED: In one extreme case, a post recalls how they were asked by their ex-girlfriend, who had been abused in early childhood, to engage with role-play in which she was a child and he was an adult molesting her: "It's not that I was judgmental about that, I can understand how that could be healing to re-enact that in a situation where she was actually in control, but it was way outside the boundaries of what I was comfortable with.

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However, creepiness, here, is being used politely to refer to those scumbags whose idea of dating is staring down your shirt and making you feel uncomfortable without any regard to your discomfort.

Every girl wants a man around herself who makes her feel safe and not preyed upon. Dominating and oppressive This is one of the foremost dating deal breakers in any relationship.

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