Medicated pete dating game contestants

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Not to be contary, but I have worked with Marlo Thomas and she was just fine, perfectly pleasant.

I also worked with Tom Hanks on That Thing You Do and everyone was always walking around on eggshells.

And I know posters here are on to her but I think most of her viewers still think of Ellen Degeneres as the new queen of nice - like Rosie O'Donnell before everyone found out what a fake persona she'd been putting on for years. OP and r34I do agree that this thread should be 'who have you heard is not an asshole'. Sheez.r34 and r42, I'll go along with you so far as celebs being egomaniacs as a given, since the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual actually comes out and says that characteristics that would qualify the average person for a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder would be just the normal characteristics of a highly privileged and/or famous person.

So there's going to be a certain amount of selfishness, self-absorption and lack of empathy.

Maybe these were hard-learned lessons he had to find out on his own, or he was hoping to pass on to a new generation of actors better working habits than he was used to dealing with.

After reading the obituary of Loretta Young's daughter, I would place her as the owner of this thread.

One of my smart assed co-workers asked what would happen if we broke the rules and that's what we were told. Well, an inordinate amount of tragic codependents and famewhores migrated to L. I worked backstage at a popular concert venue for almost three years back in the day, and I cantell you that the "Don't look at them, don't speak to them" rule was common and strictly enforced. But I usually didn't see aides to the famous quite as nervous as his were,so that stuck with me.

I would have said out loud, so that Michael could hear me, that he was a son of a bitching, idiot. None of us wanted to be the cause of some poor grunt losing a job. I'm working a flight and the captain is making pa announcements about notable landmarks outside the aircraft (The Grand Canyon, Mississippi River, you know, noteworthy stuff that passengers like to see)Ms.

He also holds a powerful position inside the industry.It's entirely possible that no Gibson-style meltdown is in the offing with Hanks, r18, because he is very well "minded", with Rita and staff on hand (although apparently sometimes even that is not enough, and those are the occasions where cash has flowed to keep things quiet).Hanks's people know how to spend hush money effectively, which just goes to show that it is possible to keep nasty things under the radar if you're smart.On the other hand, some celebs are definitely shittier than others.There is a difference between narcissism and being deliberately cruel, taking pleasure in humiliating and doing other people in or even physically and sexually abusing them, and not even trying to control themselves when they have emotional problems or substance abuse issues and just relying on the sacrifices of codependents to keep them going and clean up after them.

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