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Only a month later on April 20, 1994, Brian announced the release of Web Crawler live on the web with a database of 4000 websites.On June 11, 1994, Brian posted to the Usenet group comp.infosystems.announce that the Web Crawler Index was available for searching.A month later, Info Space made a million bid to buy [email protected]’s assets including domain names and trademarks from bankruptcy court.Infospace’s offer was accepted and they subsequently powered the Excite web site and sold portal components to i Won.

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Back in 1990, Alan created Archie, an index (or archives) of computer files stored on anonymous FTP web sites in a given network of computers (“Archie” rather than “Archives” fit name length parameters – thus it became the name of the first search engine).Also as part of the deal, Info Space acquired rights to Web Crawler.Ask Jeeves (now purchased the portal in 2004. Originally it was a highly regarded directory of sites that were cataloged by human editors.Excite was born in February 1993 as a university project called Architext involving six undergraduate students at Stanford seeking to use statistical analysis of word relationships to improve relevancy of searches on the Internet.This school project eventually led to Excite’s commercial release as a crawling search engine at the end of 1995.

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