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His only requirement for being his friend is a heart not bent on greed or violence.

Even then, he may try to understand why a person views the world this way.

Also, their propensity to escape from reality into their imaginations (or into unhealthy substances) can be quite destructive.

Even the Pisces zodiac idealism can set them up for failure because reality can never live up to the ideal they have in their minds.

While all water signs harbor some gifts of intuition, Pisces zodiac sign is the most gifted of all the signs of the zodiac.

In fact, this is how they make decisions about life, rather than using details and reason.

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In our cynical age, chivalry has sunk into the past (along with the plague). (I’m talking about chivalry, not about the plague.) Unfortunately, this does not mean that you can finally buy that cool… If this is the door of an elevator, bar, other dangerous room or it opens “from yourself”, go ahead….

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[Read the full article] The Pisces woman is every bit as compassionate and kind-hearted as her male counterpart.

It is easy to lean on her during tough times, ask for advice in uncertainty, and share in life’s victories.

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