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Just like those actresses, she comes across as self-assured and more than a little rapacious, the starlet who will not be denied. From certain angles, she reminds you of Valerie Bertinelli in , the tomboy all gussied up.

The singer and actress Selena Gomez, who turned eighteen last month (and who for many years was Lovato’s best friend), has a look that’s at once softer and starker. It’s only when her smile twists, as if she’s laughing at a private joke she has no intention of sharing, that you wonder if there might be a mean girl lurking within.

Logan Henderson believes he's not ready to find love but he then meets writer Melody Prince.

From their choice of boyfriends to their facility with social media to the knowing self-consciousness of their performances, these girls understand what it takes to get ahead in a fame-obsessed age: They’ve mastered the art of simultaneously inviting fans into their lives and slyly holding them at bay.

Just take a look at the postmodern hall of mirrors that is , in which Lovato plays a teenager plucked from obscurity to appear on a well-known sketch comedy program.

The couple fall in love at first sight but when one of Melody's ex-classmates outs the couple to the press, Logan breaks it off with Melody, believing it was her who did this. I published it on Wattpad and it got some really great reviews.

When Logan realises what he's done, he tries to make things right with her. In fact, it's my most popular story on Wattpad Logan Henderson was a well known name in the music industry.

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