Jason reeves is currently dating

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The actor dated Sofia Coppola, Francis' daughter and now a director in her own right, in 1992 after they met on the set of her father's film, according to in 1997, but neither of them realized that the feelings were reciprocated.

They remain friends to this day, but oh, what could have been!

Syme died in a car crash in April 2001, just one day after she reportedly had brunch with Reeves. As for Reeves' current romantic status, he's keeping that private. The actor has never really been one to flaunt his private life in the spotlight, and perhaps he's found that it's best to keep some things to himself., there’s no doubt Keanu Reeves has solidified himself as a Hollywood legend through his years of acting.And more recently, it seems his personal life has come back to the forefront.Reeves' relationship with Syme might be his most significant, but sadly, it ended in tragedy.The couple got serious quickly after beginning to date in 1999, according to , becoming pregnant with their first child.

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