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He originally created IVY as a dating website exclusively for Harvard graduates before expanding it to other IVY Leaguers. Pros Very flexible working environment and ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Fantastic, talented team, and easy to communicate accross departments.

The other offices around the country are much more relaxed and flexible. When he didn’t find success with that, he created IVY, the Social University. All of this being said, I have met some amazing coworkers and some amazing people who are members of IVY, so it’s not as if everyone is evil.

THE LEADERSHIP The CEO, Beri, is one of the worst people to work for, if you’re able to see beyond his buzz words. He’s shown multiple times his employees are just a number to him; for example, he hired a dozen new Community Managers when he was trying to get funding (in order to make the company seem like it was growing) and then promptly fired roughly the same amount of CMs once the round was done. It’s just a shame - there are people who truly believe in this vision, and still do - but this company is just not the one to deliver on it.

I have personally grown a lot during my years here, and would recommend it to anyone actively seeking the above.

Cons It's definitely what you make of it, and if you're looking for a passive job this is not the place for you.

IVY Events are designed to be highly immersive and interactive.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to engage with important topics and exchange ideas with fellow members.

Members share the causes and opportunities they care most about on the IVY Opportunities Board.

In full transparency, employees that have suffered through IVY’s storyline have been dealt every card of horrendous business practices imaginable. With no sustainable HR department or leader to be a champion for the team, you begin to understand the overall intentions of IVY’s leadership. Here I would say “what the company is” but in reality it is actually “what the company thinks it is.” Simply, it’s an illusion.

Decisions that are delivered from the top hinder the overall employee experience.... Those that become a member are sold on an “idea” that as a team member you full heartedly believe in.

Our community is made up of thousands of intellectually curious, inspired individuals who are committed to making a lasting positive impact.

Through IVY, our members get access to an unparallelled network of rising and established leaders across the country.

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