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I was wondering if any locals know which sites are popular, maybe offer some tips, etc.

Thanks There are hundreds of bars on Istiklal street. There are places with cover bands, crazy dj parties, heavy metal live shows, chill and quiet, expensive and posh, dive bars... Most other parts of town, or if any male family members are there...

Clockwise from top: the Golden Horn between Karaköy and Sarayburnu within the historic areas; Maiden's Tower; a nostalgic tram on İstiklal Avenue; Levent business district with Dolmabahçe Palace; Ortaköy Mosque in front of the Bosphorus Bridge; and Hagia Sophia.), formerly known as Byzantium and Constantinople, is the most populous city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural and historic center.

Hey there, I'm an American guy in Istanbul for a couple of weeks and I've heard that it's not easy to approach Turkish women at bars.

A friend of mine who visited last year told me that internet dating is big here.

so, approaching a table is like sticking your hand into a wasp hive. It's a friendly environment and if you have even vaguely hipster-alternative tastes then you will fit right in and have a great time.

isolating the target from the group takes stellar craftsmanship ().

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