Interest level dating

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In general if she leaves her bag while going to the bathroom that is a good sign; if you let her know it’s ok to do so and she goes along, she is likely comfortable with you.Don’t go overboard with self deprecating humor, but her reaction to a self deprecating joke can be a valuable insight to her interest level.

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If she simply apologizes and doesn’t move closer, grab your arm, or hug you, it isn’t a great sign.

Gauging a girls interest is often a difficult thing to do.

Women do not often show their interest in obvious ways which is why it is important to learn how to identify subtle signs of interest.

You do not even have to move a lot; sometimes just repositioning your body such that more of your body is now further away from her is enough.

"Don’t worry, you can leave your bag, I’m only going to steal the good stuff in there." or something along those lines.

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