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The guardian ad litem may consult with a person who by training or experience is qualified to work with persons with a developmental disability, persons with mental illness, persons with physical disabilities, or persons with a disability due to mental deterioration, depending on the type of disability that is alleged.

The guardian ad litem shall personally observe the respondent prior to the hearing and shall inform him orally and in writing of the contents of the petition and of his rights under Section 11a-11.

You do not have to attend the court hearing if you do not want to be there.

If you do not attend, the Judge may appoint a guardian if the Judge finds that a guardian would be of benefit to you.

The guardian ad litem shall also attempt to elicit the respondent's position concerning the adjudication of disability, the proposed guardian, a proposed change in residential placement, changes in care that might result from the guardianship, and other areas of inquiry deemed appropriate by the court.

Now at the NEC, Birmingham this is free to attend and free to park.The respondent shall be permitted to obtain the appointment of counsel either at the hearing or by any written or oral request communicated to the court prior to the hearing.The summons shall inform the respondent of this right to obtain appointed counsel.IF YOU DO NOT WANT A GUARDIAN OR IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER PROBLEMS, YOU SHOULD CONTACT AN ATTORNEY OR COME TO COURT AND TELL THE JUDGE.(f) Notice of the time and place of the hearing shall be given by the petitioner by mail or in person to those persons, including the proposed guardian, whose names and addresses appear in the petition and who do not waive notice, not less than 14 days before the hearing.[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty] Llew os uoy wonk I —ytterp neeb ev'I Nac eh naht retteb od nac I, naem I Lrig, uoy wonk I, llew os uoy wonk I Llew, llew, llew [Chorus: XXXTENTACION] Oh, oh, don't take my heart Bmun os m'I, emas eht leef t'nod I dna No dloh ot tsuj niap 'nileef eb ll'I, niap 'nileef eb ll'I Oh, oh, don't break my heart Bmun os m'I, emas eht leef t'nod I dna Yeah No dloh ot tsuj niap 'nileef eb ll'I, niap 'nileef eb ll'I [Verse: XXXTENTACION] Listen close, what is this? Jocelyn was a friend of X who committed suicide at a Florida hotel in May 2017.

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