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During the trial it was revealed that Morgan's friend, a fellow doctor named Kyle Barkley, had returned to Lorna's apartment and raped her. In 1996, Courtney's ex-boyfriend Andrew Miller framed Morgan for the recent slew of plug-pulling "mercy killings" at the hospital. He worked at Bay City General Hospital until he disappeared in late 1996.When his lover Brett Gardner left him in December 1994, he quit medicine and became a carpenter for several months (he helped build Wallingford's Bookstore) before returning to his true calling.

In November 1994, Brett got a good job offer in Chicago, and she and Morgan made plans to move there together.(Andrew's mother apparently had spent her last days tied to similar machines, but this wasn't fully explored.) As his last desperate act, Andrew beat and raped Courtney. There, Morgan came to her rescue and saved her from Andrew's intended murder-suicide.Andrew fell from the rooftop during his struggle with Morgan, and spent his last hours connected to life support.Morgan was very hurt and lashed out at everyone before coming to terms with his loss.DATES Lorna Devon Morgan met Lorna when she came on to him one night at Sassy's.

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