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We had a shared history, our siblings adored each other and we even went on a few joint-family vacations.

Having personally experienced both the positives and the negatives of dating a friend, I’ll say this: there are few things more precious than a friendship that becomes more than a friendship, but there are also few things more painful than losing a romantic relationship and a friendship simultaneously. To commemorate the end of Friendship Month at Man Repeller, I interviewed five couples who braved the stakes and went from “friends” to “more than friends.” Below, their thoughts on what that leap was like.

Kelly: We were good ol’ fashion friends from the fall of 2010 to the fall of 2011. Then we were friends with benefits until I moved to Seattle, and then back to just friends until October of 2013.

Kelly: The person I want to hang out with most is right next to me when I wake up.

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We sought each other out, dated, then became friends. We’d find ourselves in the same city – Los Angeles, or Paris – because of our work, and we’d catch up.

I’d ask him for career advice, he’d ask me for relationship advice. I respect friendship more than a fleeting escapade.

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