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You will end up with a better relationship as well as a happier child." "When you develop a relationship, don't be in a hurry to introduce your new flame to your child.

Your kids have already lost their family," Markham says.

Nearly 25 percent of children in America live with a single parent, usually their mother, though the number of children living with single fathers rose from 1 to 4 percent since 1960.

Census, the majority of the nearly 74 million children ages 18 and under live in a home with two parents, whether married or unmarried.

To understand this increased risk of sexual or physical harm, it is helpful to consider the lack of oversight which occurs when both biological parents are no longer working as a team.

Ideally, parents work together to teach children body safe rules, observe children in play particularly with older peers, and thoughtfully choose care providers. Another explanation for these increased risks of harm connects to the potential negative/dangerous role older step/bonus siblings can play in the lives of younger children.

Have lots of discussions with your new flame about your kids.

Don't get into a relationship where you are financially dependent.

So stabilize your child's life for at least a year before you even think about dating. Deal with that panic, rather than rushing into a relationship.

Nonetheless, “children of divorce – and later, remarriage – are twice as likely to academically, behaviorally and socially struggle as children of first-marriage families: About 20 to 25 percent struggle, compared with 10 percent, a range of research finds.” They are also more likely to be hurt.

In their article “Child Abuse and Other Risks of Not Living with both Parents," published in Ethology and Sociobiology, Martin Daly and Margo Wilson note: "If their parents find new partners, children are 40 times more likely than those who live with biological parents to be sexually or physically abused." According to a Missouri-based study of children living in homes with unrelated adults, children are “nearly 50 times as likely to die of inflicted injuries as children living with two biological parents.” These are worrying statistics, both disturbing and scary.

They should never be an authority figure in relation to your child," Markham says.

"There is just too much opportunity for abuse of power.

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