Dees dating a retard

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They bicker and backstab and yell—and there is quite a bit of yelling.

Yet, no matter how much blood is shed and bullets are fired in a twenty-minute episode, the gang sits around shooting the shit in the end. Of course, knowing that Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis are actually married makes watching Charlie’s pathetic pining after the Waitress even more endearing.

She is told to eat cat food, huff glue, and drink beer because the combination creates a “weird chemical reaction” that will render her so sick and tired that she’ll fall asleep.

(This is the only way to drown out the noise of the fifty stray cats that cry outside his window.)Sweet Dee Gets Audited The IRS catches onto a woman’s scheme to claim a child she gave birth to as a surrogate as a dependent.

They’re just self-described badasses, clinging to the lost years of their 20s and desperately seeking relevancy.

When stripped entirely of context, without actors and solely on paper, the funniest moments of It’s Always Sunny are often really creepy and always offensive.

It’s a testament to the brilliant minds behind the show. Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare Two middleclass thirty-somethings ditch their day jobs when they discover a more lucrative career: unemployment.

Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person A young woman starts observing her new boyfriend’s behavior when her friends insist that he has a mental disability and keep score of how “retarded” or “not retarded” his actions are. This offers no conclusion as both men apparently have the same diet.

Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life A man challenges his friend to live like him, providing her with long underwear that he insists she’ll need because his apartment has no heat.

In case she has to “pee pee,” he offers her a coffee can filled with urine.

Listening to Mac and Dee’s brutal critique of one another’s appearances and intelligence feels like you’re in on a private joke when you consider that the actors are married with two children.

It’s no wonder that Rob Mc Elhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Day are all friends in real life.

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