David henrie dating now

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“While what everyone says about sleep deprivation and the difficulties of being a parent are 100% true haha I wouldn’t want it any other way!

” “It’s that sacrifice that purifies my love for this little one,” he added. David Henrie and his wife Maria welcomed Pia, their first child, in March.

The New York native possesses a career portfolio that will definitely make any one of his contemporaries envious.

Way back in 2009, Danielle was just another fan who was clearly obsessed with the actor, however, she took her idolizing of him to another level. They finally met in 2012 at a signing in Planet Hollywood, New York City.

One thing led to the other and now, the duo is enjoying a fairytale romance with each other.

When he was two years old, David Henrie’s family moved to Phoenix, Arizona and they lived there for eight years. He captained the Green Team/Cyclones in the 2008 Disney Channel Games.

Henrie appeared in the Disney Channel movie Dadnapped.

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