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With his 80 remote employees, this actually isn’t much money—it’s a medium-sized business.

The self-image he projects is equivalent to that of Bill Gates, but even in the best possible light, Pagan is a small-time CEO of a medium-sized marketing company.

Ecker encourages workshop participants to scream things like “I love rich people!

Pagan has been teaching others this path to “success” with 00 marketing courses.

Other “conscious capitalists” include folks like T.

Harv Ecker, who teaches the cultivation of greed and the celebration of hegemony in his “free” introductory workshop (which is structured as a highly manipulative pitch for his very expensive advanced workshops).

A generation of men and women who are desperately seeking ways to navigate the ever-more-complex worlds of gender, relationship, and career are taking his advice on everything from dating, to how to structure their workdays for maximum productivity, and even how tall of a desk to purchase.

(By the way, I used to co-host a podcast called Conscious Business. Pagan would not have made even the longest of potential guest lists.) Pagan’s claim to fame is that his information product businesses—mostly patriarchal dating advice—make million a year.

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