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In this version, set in 2000 at the height of web-based businesses, Dick is an employee of one such called Globodyne while his wife works at a travel agency.They live moderately well with their son and a Hispanic housemaid.

When the couple rob a restaurant they wear masks of Bill and Hilary Clinton. They just don't like creeptastic, almost disembodied photos of them sent like it's part of some normal flirtation ritual. A penis pic is not a first date flower bouquet, ok? It seems from the name you chose, Man with a Nice Penis, that you have some sense of how precious your cargo is, yes? It's not something to take lightly or do casually with whatever potential psychopath (male or female) happens to request it.Characters steal, lie, blackmail, and cheat to get money." /Parents need to know that this comedy includes some cursing and broad physical, occasionally violent comedy.

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