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I realise Americans don't place highly in polls and surveys when it comes to dating.I think it's because the majority of the women polled were American to begin with, and perhaps are sick of their own countrymen. But my experience of American men has been that they are a chivalrous lot.Fifty Dating is one of Scotland's leading over fifty online dating and friend finder service!Registration is FREE we have a dedicated Customer Care team to help you all the way.It is also rumoured that Germans tend to be unhygenic down there, but I can't vouch for that.Swedes I think physically, the Swedes are some of the best looking men in the world (women too), the Austrians come in a close second (but they're as unfunny as the Germans).Plus, who wouldn't lust after a charming European accented foreigner after listening to Gerard Butler in the movie P. They open doors, they insist on paying for dates, paying for your taxi ride home if they cannot see you home themselves and they tend to leave generous tips (for the waiter, not me! Most (if not, all) of my American male friends are absolute gentlemen.

When I observed my Indian BF's parents, they seemed happy enough, but I noticed that the husband would go out and have a pretty active social life, but the wife was expected to (and she did) just stay at home.

Later on, red flags started flashing when my BF would not want me to go out clubbing with him (we were in our late teens, very early 20s), and when I went out with my own friends instead (I'm sure as hell not going to stay at home waiting for him!

), I was not allowed to go to the same clubs him and his friends were at.

Oh gosh, I'm not asking you to drive me home, or pay for my taxi, but at least walk me to the main road!

This scenario would never happen with any American, Scottish or Chinese Indonesian I've dated.

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