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But if she accepts your heartfelt plea, you have just entered into a relationship and it’s time to get serious. You now have a girlfriend, a marker of status or normalcy or both. It’s now time to buy matching shoes, couple rings, exchange hourly texts, use a ‘selfie-stick’, go to parks, visit coffee shops, seek out pet cafés. Dates ☑ Of course, once you are ‘going steady’, the cinema is a must.

It is known as eojang gwalli — ‘managing your fish stock’.

Enjoy the experience of staring blankly at a screen for two hours, peppered here and there with gruesome scenes that automatically prompt hand-clutching, which provides her the reassurance that oppa is here.

Anniversaries ☑ As the days go by, you must commemorate your time together: one week, one month, 100 days…

You’ve uploaded a good picture and now you are going to chat with a contact. That’s true for internet dating, as well […]There are some things that women should never do while engaged in any online relationship with a man.

These things are certain to put a quick and final end to any further communications with him. Perfect Does […]Starting to date someone you just met online, can get a little boring at times.

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