Dating a forgetful guy

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On the surface he is in touch with your needs but still quite masculine.It may seem endearing at first but this man is usually a collector of women and you’re likely just another acquisition.A man who is open to the idea of a relationship but doesn’t need one to feel that he is complete, and more importantly doesn’t seek a relationship as his source of fulfillment and happiness.

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The problem with this man is that he superficially fits the ideal of a loving partner but doesn’t invest in the relationship.

Proving that following your ambition can indeed lead to love.

Since more and more women no longer need to depend on men for their financial stability and independence from their parents, standards of partnership has raised.

He uses female attention to feed his ego and his charm will push you feel generous and insecure, more than you’re used to.

Avoid any man who needs female attention to feel more like a man. They start by asking you to make small changes via suggestion.

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