Client computer not updating wsus

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Unable to get the site code If the client is not able to get the site code, you need to check first the boundaries as above, and also verify that the site information is published in the AD.

You can check the last part of the after you start the site component manager which will say that the components like the MP, SLP etc successfully published or updated.

It’s possible that represents a stale record from AD.

Systems NOT on the network: If the system is not actually on the network, check if it is shutdown, and if so if it’s been shutdown for long time.

Before checking this though, check if the has the correct MP information.

client computer not updating wsus-73

There is a Maintenance task that will clear the inactive records but if the discovery process runs again and the AD container still has these entries then they will simply show up again.When we look at the SMS/SCCM console collection, there is an entry for the client status that indicates either Yes or No.Assuming everything is installed and configured properly, a client installed on a system should automatically report as Yes, but sometimes that does not turn out to be the case.If yes then first restart the system and then initiate the discovery cycle from the control panel agent properties action TAB.Stale Entries: When you use AD discovery, the DDRs are created for the computers that reside in the AD container that we have requested to be queried by the discovery process.

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