Christopher knight adrian curry dating brighton dating girl

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Adrianne Curry: They almost stopped filming on the second day [of production] because they thought we were going to break up when he started bringing up, "Wouldn't it be great for the show if we had her move out? So it wasn't like, "Ok we're in a relationship." You brought that up Chris, to the producers? I want you to move in with me." It was more about her needing a place to stay because she was new in L. Christopher Knight: We were seeing each other for a month when she moved in, and the only reason she moved in is because, how do we date if she's living in Chicago?I remember at some point you said to someone, "God, she's so young! Christopher Knight: I was concerned on two different levels.I was concerned that she was so young and how do you plan a life together when there's that big a delta in your experiences? I'm not like Adrianne; I sort of carry around what the world's perceptions are. Were you concerned about the age difference? Chris, did you know when you did the first season of My Fair Brady with Adrianne, that the major theme was going to be about the fact that Adrianne really wanted to get engaged? Christopher Knight: The title is My Fair Brady and there's a reason for that.My concept, going in, was (he laughs as he attempts to explain) I'm going get slapped Adrianne needed to be polished up; that she needs a little bit of Professor Higgins (referencing the film My Fair Lady) Adrianne Curry: And my response was "fuck you." Christopher Knight: She's so resistant to any of that! Christopher Knight: Ultimately [the show] came down to her wanting a commitment and me wanting her to move out. Christopher Knight: That's why it was so attractive to the producers. Adrianne had moved in temporarily, to find her own place Adrianne Curry: Only he changed his mind 250 times about it.Adrianne Curry: Well that's how people do grow up and mature, is by going through the different trials and tribulations and wins and losses. I might as well not say anything anyway, because she's not going to listen if I try to tell her. (to Adrianne) Are you constantly rebelling against Chris? Christopher Knight: I tend to listen to everybody, because I don't think you can just listen to that which makes you comfortable.Christopher Knight: (to Adrianne) Adrianne, if that was truly the case, then we as a culture would have never advanced. (They break out laughing) Seriously, let me tell you something there is nothing a 48 year old male child star can tell me that will have any significance or be compared to anything in a 23 year old female model's life. Because you guys are a couple, you're not parent and child Christopher Knight: Yeah, but she's always rebelling against me Adrianne Curry: (to Chris) Excuse me. I do not think of you as a parent, therefore I will not fucking follow you around like a child would their parent. Adrianne Curry: Well I'm very happy that he's a democrat. Adrianne Curry: We have that in common and we love to work out and eat well.

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