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I told Rob, “If we ever get married and have kids you have to learn how to cook just a few dishes, for our future kids’ sake.If I die, promise me you won’t not feed our kids fast food every night.” Fast forward many years past our wedding and into our parenting years I have brought up Jason’s story to Rob half seriously, reminding him he still needs to learn how to cook – because you never know.That single conversation with him has never left me.Right after it happened, I shared Jason’s situation with my husband (then boyfriend).Online dating in Chile hasn’t really taken off, and people still choose to meet their romantic partners via the traditional methods of mutual friends, organizations, work, school, or church, etc.I think as time goes on, online dating will grow in Chile, but it will be gradually.Not to mention it makes a great Super Bowl (Go Seahawks! Be sure to watch the video above to see Rob learn how to make this dish we affectionately called Dad’s Chili.

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Signing up for the sites below and putting in a lot of work on your part, you might have success in Chile. So start sowing those seeds so that you can eventually enjoy the fruits of your labor.Listening to him I felt so sorry for him and his situation.He was a good-hearted guy doing the best he could, trying to navigate fatherhood alone.Raising two young kids as a single dad was his full-time job outside his full-time job at work. One conversation in particular has always stayed with me.During one of our mini conversations Jason shared how hard it was to always feed his kids from fast-food restaurants.

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