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VJ and Woody believe the son of Sam's new boyfriend is the Antichrist. The Dating Guy has also been criticized for allegedly being a ripoff of the webcomic Least I Could Do, which was reportedly submitted to Teletoon to create an animated series that did not come to fruition. After spending the night with Mark, local weathergirl Connie goes to work commando, accidentally flashes the world and loses her job. turns a golf-putting device into the next great sex toy.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.The Dating Guy” is a half-hour animated comedy about the single life of twenty-somethings in the city. I don't openly advertise the attractions at Cherry's playhouse. As a kid I never walked around going "I have this game and that toy and a jungle gym this big and huge maracas..." (Okay so maybe I do admittedly flaunt the maracas a bit, but can u blame me... I think my playroom is full of fun surprises for those who venture inside.I had grand fun, but now things have see-sawed back to normal....So recently I had a house guest and with "childlike enthusiasm" I showed him some of my favorite toys and we played a few of my favorite games.I think I proved that I'm nice with a joystick and I can rope it up w/ the best of them playing cowboys and indians... I've never been one to "bribe" my way into friends.

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Now that my play date is over, it's back to playing alone in my sandbox, and that's...

Produced by marblemedia and Entertainment One, the show also has a Gemini Award-winning tie-in website, with two web series: The Morning After Show, which discusses episodes of the main show, and Dr. and Woody attempt to get lucky with the ladies at an all-female retreat across the lake. To impress Jeanie, Mark lies about knowing a famous singer. are abandoned at a reenactment pioneer village but think they have traveled back in time. J., on the run from Woody, gets an unexpected gut reduction.

Each week viewers are taken on a ride that starts with what might be called a "too good to be true" dating "win" for one or more of the principal characters only to find them marred by an improbable dilemma midway through and ultimately leaving them stunned and later looking to each other for advice and finally a little perspective; so, even though they never quite reach their desired outcome, it's their "oh well, what's next" attitudes that drive Mark, Woody, V. and Sam to keep things in check as they continue to look for their next big "dating" thrill.

Each episode is 22 minutes and aired in the 30 minute television broadcast format.

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