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You Raise Me Up A great song all lies in the last part when everybody sings together that really creates a goosebumps a really really great song A really good cover of The Secret Garden's "You Raise Me Up". To Where You Are The first song I ever heard by Josh. This is the song that made me fall in love with Josh.

Josh Groban's powerful vocals are quite mind-blowing plus the music makes it a song that will never get old. It made me cry and I was driving the car at the time. I live in the Eastern part of Canada and really really wish he would come to our area.

He can sing the phone book and it would be beautiful! This is clearly the best josh groban song Wow, this song really gave me spirit when I heard it, be brave!

Makes me want to get married just to have this as my wedding song.. Speaks to the soul will make you deal good It's a beautiful Christmas song 🎤 Un Alma Mas I love all of josh's songs I especially love this one because I'm Italian I love every song Josh: D Now maybe this is my favorite... I really really love this song Brave Beautiful, uplifting song with great lyrics, a good beat, and terrific orchestration. This song is beautiful from the beginning because it let to listen the classic sound as violin and other modern sounds, the lyrics is perfect inspires you to fight and see life from another point What are you stupid!

It is from the 2004 movie "Troy", and is possibly the most hauntingly beautiful song in the history of music. It may have been fifty years ago, but Josh's voice brings those memories back.He has also appeared in TV series ‘Fox and Friends’ as himself back in 2016.Besides the TV shows and writing books, he writes blogs on The lyrics are amazing, his singing is the best and most challenging of any of his songs (in my opinion), and the melody/accompaniment is gorgeous. Amazing lyrics, his most impressive vocals (as far as I know), and a beautiful accompaniment. As all his music This is my faborite of all his songs.

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